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Health and wellness blood tests can help you understand what is going on inside your body at a metabolic level. This is critical considering a large number of the population are in fair or poor health. Not only is it important to establish a health and wellness baseline, the results of a blood test provide both healthcare providers and patients with tailored information to prevent, monitor or treat disease.

We are there to support you and your staff with highly efficient, evidence-based and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology so our clients can make the best possible therapy decisions. This creates a solid foundation to deliver efficient and effective therapy. And because you want your team to get – and stay – well, we work together with you. Every day.


Corporate Services

  • Medical Fitness certification by PMDC certified Doctors
  • Customized test packages (based on Client’s requirements)
  • Special Discounted Price for corporate clients
  • On-site specimen collection for Executives
  • Mobile Laboratory Kiosks for corporate events
  • Sample collection Camps for the convenience of company staff
  • Available qualified, experienced, well-trained & professional lab staff for camps
  • Share detailed record of all company staff with test result
  • Share Doctor’s verified test reports
  • Post service mode of payment (upto 15/30 days payment period after invoice)
  • Provide On-site sample collection & transportation for medical centers
  • Provide Laboratory service for healthcare providers to work in collaboration
  • Establish collection units in health facility