Welcome to Pro Lab

We are a clinical laboratory leading a unique method of support for healthcare providers in the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic disease.

Our state-of-the-art centres are certified by international accreditation bodies, such as ISO and RIQAS and duly registered with concerned Government Authorities such as SHCC (Sindh HealthCare Commission), NIH (National Institute of Health) and PNRA (Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority).

Our experienced and professional staff empowers us to deliver more personalized service and support through continuous innovation. We put the patient first.


Our Mission

To provide the best service and support to our patients and clients through personalization and innovation.

To put our patients and clients first by providing timely, accurate, and progressive testing and always being accessible

  • Maintain integrity and professionalism
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient's test results
  • Maintain safety and standards
  • Maintain positivity and compassion
  • Maintain empathy and sensitivity
  • Maintain commitment and engagement
  • Maintain leadership and communication

Quality is our priority

Documentation & Standard Operating Procedures

We ensure that the Quality Management System laid down and structure of documentation is as per the requirement of International guidelines. We ensure that day to day records are being documented and stored for easy retrieval and future reference.

Quality Control Samples

We ensure that calibrations are performed and quality control samples are analyzed and studied for performance of the method and instrument before we analyze any patient.

Maintenance and Calibration

We ensure care is taken to choose the instruments and equipment based on specific requirements of the scope. All the instruments are regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure the reliability of the analysis/results.

Quality Control

We ensure procedures are used in a way to assure that the test run is valid and results are reliable. Quality Control plans have been laid down and implemented to ensure the accuracy of the entire testing process from receipt of sample, testing of sample to reporting of results.


Our Work During Covid-19

We understand that we have a responsibility not just towards our clients but also towards the society we operate. More so than ever, helping communities sustain is important during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The management of ProLab has been at the forefront in supporting communities by distributing surgical masks, soaps and hand sanitizers along with free COVID-19 testing kits for the needy.

We will continue to, and increase our efforts in the coming months to play our role towards our community in a responsible and sustainable way.