How the modern lifestyle has an impact on public health

A person's health is the most important thing to keep going through anything. Be it your mental health or physical health.

This modern-day lifestyle where we have everything, we manage things quickly, always in a hurry to do things quickly, guess that's how digitalization is!

By the end of the day, we end up doing all daily tasks marked ticked so we can sleep peacefully.

But what we all fail to realize is that the rush, the hurry in our lives is contrary affecting our health. We are continuously losing our physical and mental strength without even realizing it.

GIVE IT A BREAK! Give your body some time, give your brain some rest. Yes, our body and our system need a pamper session too to stay healthy and fit.

Give your body an 8-hour proper sleep, let your brain rest.

Give your eyes a break from your smartphones, mobile phone rays are seriously causing harmful eye strain.

Not only that, we all know how social media never fails to affect our mental health. So, there is always a good and a bad side to anything. Excessive use or addiction to anything is deficient and harmful.

It's time we need to incorporate healthy habits into our lifestyle besides not just this, we need to let our brain function properly.

Signs that your body is dehydrated

Just like food, our body also needs fluids to process and function normally. Our body would automatically stop working and malfunction.

Sometimes, an individual doesn't even feel thirsty and that is one mistake 80% of the people make, which eventually makes our system dehydrated.
Let's overview some things that should be taken seriously in order for a body to consume enough fluids and drink water as frequently as can.

The signs and symptoms of dehydration also may differ by age.

Infant or young child

Among infants and young children, it’s usually dry mouth and tongue, no wet diapers for a continuous three hours are a serious sign. Irritability or no tears while crying means an infant needs water.


Unlike children, adults also tend to make this poor choice of not drinking enough water even knowing how important water intake is!

The body terribly needs water in extreme thirst but we overlook it. Less Urination or Dark-Colored Urine is a serious sign of a body demanding water. 

Fatigue, Dizziness, or Confusion is also an alarming sign to drink water.

So, next time you feel even a slight thirst, please get up and drink water. It is advisable and convenient for an individual to always carry a water bottle with you. Whether you are driving, keep a water bottle in the car or if you are out, purchase a water bottle. 

You will become dehydrated if you do not restore lost fluids. Avoid a trip to an emergency room just by drinking enough fluids and water and Stay Hydrated.